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Karapuzha Dam

Located in the Wayanad district of Kerala, Karapuzha Dam is one of the largest earth dams in India. The Karapuzha Dam is located in the green and natural areas of Wayanad, Kerala, on the Karapuzha River, a tributary of the Kabani River. The construction of the dam started in 1977 and was completed in 2004. The dam was built to irrigate the land and the canals on its left and right banks are still under construction.


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Flowing water, marshy hills, scenic surroundings and leafy islands make it an ideal spot for waterfowlers and an attractive destination for tourists. Here, the water is 158 feet deep and it is best to visit the dam during the day as the visibility is less in the morning. With lush green surroundings and birds, this man-made wonder is a great place to go to relax and unwind amidst the natural surroundings. The tourism department developed the area around the dam by building an aquarium here and started boating and boating facilities. One can take a nature walk in the countryside and click pictures of the beautiful and unique birds that fly here. During the monsoons, the water in the Karapuzha dam reaches the brim and is a sight to behold. Open throughout the year, the dam is a must visit. Karapuzha Dam is considered to be the second largest earth dam in India. It's a nice place to spend an evening with a gentle breeze and an amazingly scenic sky. The reservoir is formed by the Karapuzha River, a small tributary of the Kabani River, which joins a bouquet of about a dozen lakes. Over time, many developments have taken place and currently it is called Karapuzha Mega Tourism. You will enjoy the beautiful garden and adventure activities developed during 2019-2021. Enjoy the breeze while walking along the reservoir area hand in hand with your loved ones. The vast catchment area and surrounding greenery is perfect for an evening photoshoot. A leisurely evening stroll along the banks of the Karapuzha dam reservoir can be nothing short of spectacular. The crimson sun painted a brilliant picture of all colors on the western horizon, slanting sunbeams streaming through the white clouds floating in the sky. No doubt, Karapuzha Dam in Wayanad district is a great place to spend some quality time with your family and friends. With the lifting of restrictions due to COVID-19, many people are flocking to this special place. Accessibility is also not an issue as the dam is close to the national highway. This tourist spot can be reached from Kakkavyal on the Kalpetta-Sultan Bathery route. A spacious garden filled with a variety of flowers and plants greets you upon entering the main entrance. The cobbled path will give you the feeling that you are walking down a royal path. On one side of the path was a beautifully manicured meadow. There are plenty of toys and games to keep the kids busy so kids can avoid the laziness of being cooped up at home by having a good time on the green lawn. You can be a part of fun games and entertainment for a nominal fee. Also, the facility boasts of swings, sliders and watch towers. The upland area of ​​the dam premises is a well-maintained garden. Sitting on the green lawn and absorbing the natural beauty of the flowers is a rejuvenating process. The watch tower offers a panoramic view of the dam. Ambukuthi mountain and Chembra peak could be seen in the distance from the watchtower. Unlike other places in Wayanad, you don't have to walk or trek long distances to reach Karapuzha. Children and even old people can come and enjoy the enchanting charm of this exotic place. The dam built for irrigation purposes was inaugurated in 2004. The work related to supplying water to different parts of Wayanad is yet to be completed. With the dam operational, most of the Nellarachal is under water. The dam was beautified a few years ago to tap into its tourism potential. A number of tribals living near the dam engage in coracle fishing for livelihood, they either use nets or fishing lines to catch fish from the dam's waters. Karapuzha is accessible to everyone irrespective of age and hence the tourist traffic is increasing. The dam is known for its beautiful setting and masterful architecture. Due to the attractive design and appearance of this place, the dam sees a lot of tourism throughout the year.

Geographical Significance

Kurumbalakotta Hill

The Karapuzha Dam is built on the Karapuzha, a tributary of the Kabani river. The height of the dam is 28 meters and the length is 625 meters. Surrounded by partially submerged hills and green islands, the reservoir is a great place to watch the water birds that frequent it. The tourism department is working on plans to develop the area around Karapuzha Dam. It is the first medium-sized irrigation project proposed in the Kabani sub-basin of the interstate river Kaveri. Karapuzha/Thoth is a tributary of Panamaram River originating from the Western Ghats in Wayanad District, which is a tributary of Kabani River, a tributary of the inter-state river "Kaveri". Out of the 30 TMC final award given by the CWDT (Cavery Water Dispute Tribunal) to the state of Kerala, 21 TMC is for the Kabani sub-basin, which is entirely located in Wayanad district. 2.80 TMC has been sanctioned for Karapuzha Medium Irrigation Project. The Karapuzha project involves an earth barrage with a concrete spillway across the Karapuzhayar at Vazhavata in Vaithiri taluk of Wayanad district. To irrigate an area of ​​5600 hectares. (CCA) in Vaithiri, Sultanbatheri and Mananthavadi taluks of Wayanad district. The reservoir has a live storage capacity of 72.00 MCM and a gross storage capacity of 76.50 MCM. The catchment area of ​​Karapuzha up to the dam area is 62.00 sq km and is entirely within the state of Kerala. Work started in 1974 - approved by the Planning Commission in April, 1978. Govt. Administrative permission given by Kerala G.O. (ms) no. 67/78w&t dated 28/7/1978 envisages irrigation of 8,721 hectares out of 5,600 hectares at an estimated cost of Rs.7.60 crores. Govt. Kerala on 11.12.2017 approved the Revised Detailed Project Report of Rs.560 Crores. Video. G.O(rt) No. 988/ 2017/ wrd. At present, water can only be stored up to +758.45 MSL as land acquisition is pending in some pockets (about 8.121 hectares) of the reservoir area, ie; Instead of full reservoir level of 43.09 MCM (1.52 TMC) storage +763.00 msl, water supply is now taking place only in 645.47 ha of agricultural land. Drinking water projects under this project : Drinking water supply through KWA in Kalpatta Municipality and Meenangadi Panchayath - 15.0 MLD completed. Drinking water supply projects in Sultan Batheri Municipality, Nulpuzha and Mutil Panchayats - 16.0 ml are under construction. Proposals for drinking water supply projects to Meppadi, Moopainad and Vaithiri Panchayats - 13.0 MLD under construction.An earthen dam with concrete spillway on the right side, Earthen dam - maximum height 28 m (top of dam - + 766 MSL) length 625 m. 35 m wide concrete spillway, 3 radial gates of size 10 m x 6 m. Three mounds are located at Pakam, Cherupetta and Cheengeri. A steel irrigation outlet conduit of 2 m diameter + 749 msl leads through the right bulkhead of the spillway to the diversion chamber and then conveys the water to the left bank and right bank canals. Currently there is a left bank canal system for irrigation of 3,486 ha area and right bank canal system for irrigation of 2,114 ha area. As an OG category of dam, it is better known as gate controlled dam with minimal or no cases. Geographically coordinating at 11°37′03.13″N 76°10′19.34″E, the dam is an important landmark in the southern Indian state of Kerala. Karapuzha Dam has a glorious history since the inception of this project in 1977. In 2004, when the authorities gifted this 28 meters or 92 feet height and height, efforts were made to complete this project until it became fully functional. The dam is 625 meters or 2,051 feet high, and it brings hope and power to the people of the state. Located on the Karapuzha River in Kerala, this spillway dam is uniquely controlled by a gate system with a capacity of 969 m3/s. Karapuzha Dam has an active capacity of 72,000,000 m3 with a capacity of 76,500,000 m3 and 4,500,000 m3 is its inactive capacity level, the dam has an impressive surface area of ​​8.55 km2 or 3 square miles. It is equally noted for its normal elevation of 763 meters or 2,503 feet. It is understood that the operation of this dam has created a great history with remarkable contributions to the development of the region.

Developmental & Other Significance

Kurumbalakotta Hill

Karapuzha Dam has made an impeccable impact on the region to support the growth potential of the region. Wayanad district of this state has literally welcomed a new scenario with the Karapuzha Dam becoming fully functional. Its presence affects many levels as it is located in natural areas in the forest area of ​​the district along the Karapuzha River. Apart from being an important irrigation support system in the region, it has become a significant tourist attraction. The right and left banks of this dam play a crucial role for irrigation purposes and hence they make a radical change in the entire area and the surrounding areas. The Karapuzha Dam project was mainly for irrigation purposes, but as the project neared completion, the focus was on power generation. Hence this dam draws attention to the diverse roles it plays at various levels to exert a powerful influence on the progress of the state. In keeping with the endless attractions of Kerala, the Karapuzha Dam also has an equal share of tourists who are attracted by this dam in various ways. The good factor is that the location of the dam is easily accessible due to its excellent accessibility from nearby major cities like Kozhikode, Mysore and Ooty, which are equally sought after tourist spots in the southern part of the country. Chembra Peak, Edakkal Cave, Kurua Island, Soochipara Falls, Muthanga and Lakiti near Karapuzha Dam are worth exploring throughout the year. Wayanad district itself remains a major tourist destination in Kerala, so the presence of this dam in this district makes it one of the major landmarks to explore as a tourist destination.

Best Tourist Spot in Wayanad

Kurumbalakotta Hill

Tourists who come to Kerala have the best time exploring the Karapuzha Dam, so they enjoy the best moments of their life in resorts and homestays where all kinds of comforts are available. As the largest earth dam at the national level, this dam is an important place here. This man-made wonder with its rich green ecological elements and birds around is an extraordinary place to relax and unwind amidst the usual ecological elements.


Timings: 9 AM - 6 PM

Entry Fee

Adults: ₹30Children: ₹10Still Camera: ₹50Video Camera: ₹200Outdoor Shooting: ₹500

Best Time to Visit Karapuzha Dam

Although Karapuzha Dam can be visited throughout the year, December to February is the best time to visit Karapuzha Dam in winter as the weather is pleasant and enjoyable during this time. Also, it is best to visit the dam in the morning or evening. Avoid the midday heat.

How to Reach Karapuzha Dam

By Air

The nearest airport to the Karapuzha Dam is Kannur Airport at a distance of about 116 km. You can easily take a cab from there (fares will be higher) or take a bus from the airport (or nearby) to Wayanad. Or you can rent a vehicle, look for short Karapuzha Dam directions on Google Map and drive yourself there.

Kozhikode Airport is not far from the island and is about 96 km away. You can easily take a cab from there (fares will be higher) or take a bus from the airport (or nearby) to Wayanad. Or you can rent a vehicle, look for short Karapuzha Dam directions on Google Map and drive yourself there.

By Rail

Kozhikode Railway Station is the nearest railhead to Karapuzha Dam, at a distance of about 88 km. The Kozhikode Railhead is well connected to major Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, as well as to several regional cities and towns in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Once your train arrives, you can easily take a cab from there (fares will be higher) or take a bus from the airport (or nearby) to Wayanad. Or you can rent a vehicle, look for short Karapuzha Dam directions on Google Map and drive yourself there.

By Road

Wayanad is served by various KSRTC buses and private buses from various districts of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Wayanad is easily accessible by road.

How to Get There

From Mananthavadi

You can reach Karapuzha Dam via Mananthavadi - Panamaram - Pachilakkad - Meenangadi (Take Right) - Kakkavayal (Take Left) - Vazhavatta.

From Sultan Bathery

Karapuzha Dam can be reached via Sultan Bathery - Kolagapara (Take Left) - Ambalavayal - Cheengeri road.

From Kalpetta

You can reach Karapuzha Dam via Kalpetta - Muttil - Kakkavayal (Take Right) - Vazhavatta.


Adults: ₹30; Children: ₹10; Still Camera: ₹50; Video Camera: ₹200; Outdoor Shooting: ₹500